Plant Sit

 plant maintenance service

We love plants, which is why we encourage every London household and studio to have them. Everyone needs a holiday, has a last minute business trip or is finally getting round to that sabbatical, let alone having a studio full of plants, but needing to concentrate on the task at hand.

Just one last thing… who's going to take care of  your much loved plant collection when you're away? Neighbours? We all know as Londoners haven't quite gotten around to introducing ourselves after the fourth move in 6 years. Plus, why not leave your collection in the hands of people that have the expertise? 


about plant sit


Plant Sit is a small business co-founded by Emily & Katie who have a love of plants & a shared goal of making London a greener city for everyone. 

services we offer


From regular maintenance plans to one-off planting visits, to re-potting plants in the spring, we offer a range of services to suit every plant lovers needs.

plant sit pricing


Our pricing depends how long you require our maintenance services for and whether you have a large collection or you have just a couple of treasured plants.